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A Hormonal Contraceptive to prevent pregnancy

Eloira birth control methods for women

Eloira iud is a good choice for you if you want a contraceptive method to prevent pregnancy that:

  1. Provides a low chance of getting pregnant
  2. Is reversible
  3. Does not require taking it daily

Eloira iuds can also help reduce heavy periods along with the contraceptive effect.

Eloira is the perfect alternative to female sterilization (tubectomy), since it provides a highly effective contraceptive effect (99.8% effective as compared to 98.7% for sterilization) along with the benefit of being reversible, thereby reducing the risk of regret that often accompanies sterilization.

IUD insertion is not possible or advisable in the following clinical situations:

  1. Active pelvic infection
  2. Known or suspected pregnancy
  3. Uterine bleeding that has not been evaluated or diagnosed
  4. Severe distortion of the uterus, including severe fibroid disease or certain Müllerian anomalies
  5. The levonorgestrel intrauterine system is specifically inadvisable in the case of breast cancer
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