5 Reasons Why an ICD Is a Better Choice Than Abortion or Other Contraceptive Options

No one really WANTS an abortion – it is a psychological, physical, and social trauma that ANY woman would want to avoid! This is why there has been a steady rise in Indian society of using more practical family planning measures like an intrauterine contraceptive device. While most folk know about oral contraception today, IDCs are lesser understood!

There are various other methods for chemically controlling childbirth including regular pills to control your menstruation cycles; but the latest Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices are definitely the Smarter AND Safer choice over an abortion (or most other forms of chemical contraception). Here are 5 Reasons WHY –

(a) Any lady leading a single life may want to have a child on her own (whether by any anonymous donor, or a known individual) – but the choice should be entirely “Personal”. For any single lady leading a fast urban lifestyle, an intrauterine contraceptive device becomes an ever-present contraceptive solution that she can rely upon for a long period (most up to 5 years) rather than regular medication or fearing the possibility of an abortion!

(b) For married couples who already have a child or do not wish to have a child immediately; ICDs are literally heaven sent! While abortion is something ANY married couple would want to avoid – NO contraceptive measures in sexual life will eventually lead to pregnancy for any healthy couple! This is why a good intrauterine contraceptive device is a smarter choice for a free sexual life WITHOUT risks of unwanted pregnancy!

(c) Any clinical abortion is EXTREMELY damaging for the health. Whether you choose pills for ending an abortion prematurely, or require a chemical flushing of your uterus – The toll on a woman’s body is extreme. ICDs can ensure that there is NO risk of pregnancy at all for a long period of time. However, the advantage of ICDs are that they are EASILY reversible – and all you need to do is get the ICD removed and return to your natural menstrual cycles.

(d) The latest ICDs use Levonorgestel (the artificial chemical used to stop menstruation) in VERY low and controlled doses. It is the same chemical used in regular oral contraception; but any intrauterine contraceptive device is by far more effective in preventing the pregnancy in the first place! ICDs make sure that the levonorgestrel is slowly dispersed into your body rather than regular pills which may harm your natural cycles.

(e) The primary benefit of ICDs are to prevent any pregnancy in the first place – let alone be a BETTER alternative to something as terrible as an abortion! Whether you consider the health factors or psychological aspects of terminating a pregnancy – an intrauterine contraceptive device is by far the wiser choice for any woman!

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