How Does IUD Birth Control Device Works?

The joy of motherhood is one of the happiest times in the life of a woman but if the pregnancy is unplanned, then it can also become a nightmare. This is where the importance of birth control methods comes to the fore. IUD birth control is widely known for being the most effective long-term birth control method. Many people also have a lot of misconceptions about this method. There are two types of IUD birth controls available. There is the Hormonal birth control IUD and then there is the Copper IUD. You can choose either depending upon your preferences.

The Hormonal birth control IUD is a T-shaped plastic device that is fixed in a woman’s uterus. The IUD method contains the hormone progestin. This method can last up to 3 to 6 years. As for the Copper IUD, it is the T-shaped flexible plastic device which is wrapped in copper, it doesn’t release any hormones. This method protects from pregnancy up to 10 years.

Some facts about the IUD –

• It is not a permanent birth control method. You can take the IUD out whenever you want to.
• It is comparatively a cheaper birth control method.
• The IUD stops the sperm from fertilizing the egg.

How does the IUD birth control work?

The IUD once inserted and placed in the uterus prevents the egg from fertilizing. For the Hormonal IUD, it makes the mucus thicker, which resists the cervical sperm from fertilizing the egg. The copper makes does not affect the hormonal levels of the woman and at the same time, it blocks the sperms from entering the egg. If the sperm can’t meet the egg, the egg won’t be fertilized and thus it will prevent you from a pregnancy.

IUD is usually 100% safe, although it is suggested that you discuss the use of IUD with your doctor and get yourself tested from copper allergy. If you have any type of an infection in your uterus, it is suggested you do not take the IUD. You shouldn’t opt for this method if you have a liver disease or breast cancer.

There will be a little inconvenience when you initially start taking the IUD, for the first 3-6 months your period cycles will be a little more painful. It will hurt after the insertion. Apart from that, there won’t be any long-term inconvenience. You can take it out whenever you feel like, the device has a 2-3 long inch thread hanging down from one end, you can just pull it out from there. Also, if the device changes in position and shifts, it is recommended to put another one inside, since if the position is different, there are chances of getting pregnant.

Try the Eloira IUD method, if it works for you and doesn’t have any side effects for your body type, then it is the most trustworthy and effective birth control out of all the birth control methods.

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