How Is Modern Contraception Effective in Indian Society?

If you read about it on the internet, you will find that the last decade has seen an exponential growth in both information about, and the use of hormonal contraceptive systems around the world. This acceptance of these long-term contraceptive measures as a part of social life has been difficult in India – but today, we see contraception as “Necessary” part of life rather than an “Option” or “Last Resort”!

As an individual, any woman needs to ensure that an unwanted pregnancy is NOT a part of her life. An abortion is the LAST option, and pills have certain side effects. General awareness and freely available information (most of it on the internet) has made having an active sexual life easier for women both single AND married. While this has taken time; the social barriers about sex and sexuality are starting to see practically in India.

To understand contraception and how it affect your life; you have to study the use of hormonal contraceptive systems, as well as understand their role in particularly YOUR life.

#1 – Married Women

In India, having a child after marriage is often considered “Mandatory” as a part of social order and norms. However, “Modern Times” and “Traditionalism” DO NOT go hand in hand – and a couple would want the freedom to choose the time they have their first child. If you already have a child, new age hormonal contraceptive devices like ICDs are vital to ensure that you don’t have an unexpected pregnancy on your hands AND avoid the horrors of an abortion!

However, do ensure that any contraceptive measure you apply towards proper family planning is approved by a doctor, and properly administered. If you are considering using any of the modern hormonal contraceptive systems which use chemicals to control your natural menstrual cycles; make sure your doctor prescribes it.

#2 – Single Ladies

Society moves fast, and in India, the last decade has seen women in a new role. Single women lead independent lives; and having normal sexual relationships is considered a ‘Natural’ part of life. In cities across the country, the use of hormonal contraceptive systems like ICDs have become popular largely due to freedom from social taboo as well as financial independence.

Also, single mothers who have freedom from social ties of marriage; require to control any chances of unwanted pregnancy. ICDs and such modern hormonal contraceptive devices allow a lady to choose “When” she wants to be a mother. While there are of course oral contraceptive measures; invisible ICDs are considered both safer, as well as more reliable, without adding the pressures of forgetting your pill! Also, ICDs are entirely reversible, and that is why they are considered a more “Practical” choice.

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